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    • The entity that accesses the API with a login / authorisation token and has access to zero or more
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Create User

Creates OBP user.
No authorisation (currently) required.

Mimics current webform to Register.

Requires username(email) and password.

Returns 409 error if username not unique.

May require validation of email address.

Authentication is Mandatory

JSON request body fields:

JSON response body fields:

Typical Successful Response:

{ "user_id":"9ca9a7e4-6d02-40e3-a129-0b2bf89de9b1", "email":"felixsmith@example.com", "provider_id":"Chris", "provider":"", "username":"felixsmith", "entitlements":{ "list":[{ "entitlement_id":"6fb17583-1e49-4435-bb74-a14fe0996723", "role_name":"CanQueryOtherUser", "bank_id":"gh.29.uk" }] } }
  • Required JSON Validation: No
  • Allowed Authentication Types: Not set
Possible Errors:
  • OBP-20001: User not logged in. Authentication is required!
  • OBP-10001: Incorrect json format.
  • OBP-30207: Invalid Password Format. Your password should EITHER be at least 10 characters long and contain mixed numbers and both upper and lower case letters and at least one special character, OR the length should be > 16 and <= 512.
  • Error occurred during user creation.
  • User with the same username already exists.
  • OBP-50000: Unknown Error.
Connector Methods:
Version: OBPv2.0.0, function_name: by createUser, operation_id: OBPv2.0.0-createUser Tags: User, Onboarding,