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Get Aggregate Metrics

Returns aggregate metrics on api usage eg. total count, response time (in ms), etc.

Should be able to filter on the following fields

eg: /management/aggregate-metrics?from_date=1100-01-01T01:01:01.000Z&to_date=1100-01-01T01:01:01.000Z&consumer_id=5

1 from_date (defaults to the day before the current date): eg:from_date=1100-01-01T01:01:01.000Z

2 to_date (defaults to the current date) eg:to_date=1100-01-01T01:01:01.000Z

3 consumer_id (if null ignore)

4 user_id (if null ignore)

5 anon (if null ignore) only support two value : true (return where user_id is null.) or false (return where user_id is not null.)

6 url (if null ignore), note: can not contain '&'.

7 app_name (if null ignore)

8 implemented_by_partial_function (if null ignore),

9 implemented_in_version (if null ignore)

10 verb (if null ignore)

11 correlation_id (if null ignore)

12 include_app_names (if null ignore).eg: &include_app_names=API-EXPLORER,API-Manager,SOFI,null

13 include_url_patterns (if null ignore).you can design you own SQL LIKE pattern. eg: &include_url_patterns=%management/metrics%,%management/aggregate-metrics%

14 include_implemented_by_partial_functions (if null ignore).eg: &include_implemented_by_partial_functions=getMetrics,getConnectorMetrics,getAggregateMetrics

Authentication is Mandatory

JSON response body fields:



maximum_response_time: 60


Typical Successful Response:

{ "count":7076, "average_response_time":65.21, "minimum_response_time":1.0, "maximum_response_time":9039.0 }
Required Roles:
  • CanReadAggregateMetrics - Please login to request this Role
  • Required JSON Validation: No
  • Allowed Authentication Types: Not set
Possible Errors:
  • OBP-20001: User not logged in. Authentication is required!
  • OBP-20006: User is missing one or more roles:
  • OBP-50000: Unknown Error.
Connector Methods:
Version: OBPv5.1.0, function_name: by getAggregateMetrics, operation_id: OBPv5.1.0-getAggregateMetrics Tags: Metric, Aggregate-Metrics, New-Style,